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Silicone sealing washer and gasket

Short Description:

Silicone and Rubber gaskets are mechanical seals that prevent leaks between separate substrate sections. The rubber gaskets are cut from rubber sheets or mold pressing. The flange gasket mainly used in water pipes, spraying, automobiles, cylinders, pumps, chemical pipelines, decoration, machinery, bearings, valves, doors and windows, electrical appliances, rollers, etc.

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Manufacturer Dongguan Chengda Silicone& Rubber Technology Co.,ltd.
Registration Dongguan, Guangdong
Material Silicone, food grade silicone, Flame retardant silicone, conductive silicone material, High temperature resistant silicone material, medical grade silicone, EPDM, NBR etc.
Main products o-ring, gasket, grommet, tube, suction cup, seal, etc
Application machinery, hardware, environmental, medical, mining, petroleum, automobile, etc.

Introduction of Different Materials:


Performance characteristics: MVO silicon is a non-toxic material, good corrosion resistance, low-temperature flexibility, excellent resistance to dry heat, ultraviolet rays, and ozone columns

Working temperature: -70℃-220℃

Hardness range :25-90 degrees Shore

The material used: Silicone rubber is widely used in cookware, toys, small furniture, and filtration industries. Because silicone rubber has low tensile strength and wears resistance, it cannot be used in extremely demanding applications.


NBR Nitrile

Performance characteristics: Nitrile rubber has good oil resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, high-pressure oil resistance, etc., but it is not suitable for polar solvents, such as ketones, ozone, and nitro hydrocarbons.

Working temperature: -40℃-120℃

Hardness range: 40-90 degrees Shore

The material used: commonly used in the manufacture of various oil-resistant gaskets, seals and hoses, etc.


Fluorine Rubber:

Performance characteristics: Fluorine rubber seals are usually used for mechanical equipment that needs high-temperature resistance, various chemical media, and vacuum. Fluorine rubber is resistant to strong acids and weak bases and is also resistant to mineral oil and fat.

Working temperature: -15℃-230℃ for static sealing or instantaneous sealing, it can withstand a temperature of 250℃

Hardness range:  52-92 degrees Shore

The material used: often used in metallurgy, chemical, automotive power, and other industries in a working environment that is resistant to high temperature, chemical corrosion, and oil


EPDM Rubber:

The service life of EPDM rubber ring is substantially longer than that of ordinary rubber ring. The normal service life of EPDM rubber sealing ring is 110 years, which is different from the normal service life of ordinary rubber ring used at present.

Under the same service environment conditions (that is, the buried depth is 0.5-3.0m, and the ambient temperature is 18 ℃ - 22 ℃), the normal service life of EPDM rubber sealing ring is 110 years, EPDM rubber sealing ring can match the service life of nodular graphite pipe from 70 years to 100 years, which can ensure the operation safety of pipeline network.

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