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Silicone & Rubber Parts Fabricating

Silicone & Rubber Parts Fabricating

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Chengda Rubber & Plastic is full-service customized silicone and rubber products manufacturer, we are equipped with six sets of advanced rubber compression machines (from 100tons to 300tons, the biggest mold-plate size is 46 inches), individual silicone mixing room and rubber mixing room, fully match self-made molds, through by precision measurement and inspection of strict quality control, could produce high-precision custom rubber gasket & seal, custom rubber bellow, all kinds of custom rubber and silicone parts as per our customers’ needs.

Generally, we recommend the right processing option for our customers based on optimal cost efficiency, below is the detailed introduction of the process of the silicone rubber compressing service.

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Products Fabricating Service:

Compression molding is the process in which place the preformed rubber material directly into the mold cavities, then close up the mold and on hold for a certain time, the rubber material is compressed to the shape of the cavities under the specific pressure and temperature.

It is the most commonly used rubber processing way, because of low tooling cost, more cavities, suitable for small-size or middle-size production.

Product Fabricating Process:

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Place the rubber material in the mold cavities.

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Close up the mold and hold under specific pressure and temperature while the rubber material cures.

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When the cure finished, open the mold and remove the part.