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Rubber Materials Knowledge Base

Rubber Materials Knowledge Base

Chengda Rubber & Plastic has rich experiences in silicone and rubber material selection and development, we could recommend the right silicone and rubber material or develop custom rubber formula for you as per your specific requirements, the rubber material selection would base on the optimal cost-effective, to achieve value maximization for the projects.

Material Selection

There are a lot of different feature and properties of silicone and rubber material, which are widely used in different products and environment. For example: We have food grade silicone material, medical grade silicone material, conductive silicone material, high elastic material, heat resistant material, flame retardant material etc. and we also have EPDM, NBR ..rubber material. We can find and use the right material according to customer’s requirements.


Material Mixing

Chengda Rubber & Plastic is equipped with silicone mixing machine and rubber mixing machine, dust-proof silicone mixing room, and experienced workers to supply good performance rubber and silicone material to our rubber molding workshop. .

rubber mixing machine 2

Material Development

Chengda Rubber & Plastic has built strong connection and long-term cooperation with a leading rubber compounds factory who owns experienced experts and excellent innovation ability, we can develop custom rubber formulations as per customers’ detailed specific needs in short time.