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Product Design & Prototyping

Product Design & Prototyping

Dongguan Chengda Rubber & Plastics Technology is a technical custom silicone products & rubber products manufacturer, specializing in making customized silicone and rubber products and parts.

Product Design Service:

Our engineering team have rich design and manufacturing experiences to bring your ideas to real, take advantage of our knowledge and experience to shorten your time to market. We can also design the product according to your concept. If you provide a sample, we can 3D scan the sample and get 3D design of the product, and then we can modify the design based on your idea.

Product Design Service-01
Product Design Service-02
Product Design Service-03

Rapid Prototype Service:

Also, when you want to see and feel the design of the custom rubber parts before mold fabrication begin, Chengda Rubber & Plastic can produce rapid prototypes for you, we can print the sample with 3D printing or we can make sample mold and fabricate samples for you.

Sample Fabricating machine
sample rubber mixing machine
Sample Fabricating machine-1

Easy Communication:

Chengda Rubber & Plastic sales team is very patient and easy to communicate, our sales person would take engineering team to start in-depth communication with you, including structure, tolerance, material, color, function and cost efficiency, assist you to find an optimum solution for your custom silicone projects or custom rubber projects.

Reasy Communication