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Mold Design& Manufacturing

Mold Design& Manufacturing

Mold design team is the key of Rubber & Plastic technology, all of the molds of rubber parts & silicone parts are programed and designed by mold design team, we can help you solve a variety of problems of the molds if you bring us the rubber or plastic projects. The points of mold design:


Optimum mold structure to realize high-efficiency production.


Obey the requirements of the drawing, strict tolerance control.


No flash-line on the important surfaces of rubber parts or silicone parts.


Mold cost and mold life.
Mold design& manufacturing
mold design&manufacturing

Outstanding Mold Processing Technology:

Chengda Rubber & Plastic skillful technicians have outstanding technology of mold fabrication and earnest dedicated attitude, that is why we keep excellence on custom rubber products and custom silicone products manufacturing field.

Most of the technicians and workers serve in Chengda Rubber & Plastic for many years and have rich experiences in mold fabrication, we care for all small details on processing, to ensure produce high precise and long-life molds for rubber or plastic products manufacturing.

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