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Custom Anti Vibration self adhesive silicone rubber bumper feet

Short Description:

Self-adhesive Rubber Bumper Feet, also known as self adhesive Rubber Feet &Foot and adhesive Rubber Bumpers& Self Adhesive Rubber Pad, which is made of silicone or rubber material with backing adhesive tape (glue layer) and produced by compression molding and die-cutting tool.

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Widely used in electronic Communication, DVD/VCD/MP3 / Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, machinery parts, all kinds of household appliances, electrical and electronic products, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, car parts, audiovisual equipment, toys, gifts, medical equipment, sports equipment and other products such as insulation and earthquake slip function. To prevent skiding, reduce noise, prevent scratches.

Self-adhesive Silicone Rubber Bumper Feet commonly used 3M double sided tapes as a self-adhesive seal, can stick especially at the bottom of the electronic parts/devices, which any shapes are available and has vibration and shock absorption function & make the products look more beautiful.

Self Adhesive Rubber Bumper Feet Features:

Available in black, brown, gray, white and other colors
Easy to Peel off release paper
Excellent adhesive feature
Excellent resistance to skidding and coefficient of friction
Vibration and shock dampening
Crack-resistant and resilient

How to use self adhesive silicone rubber pads?

1. Make sure the surface that need to be sticked on clean and dry.

2. Take down the release paper, do not touch adhesive side.

3. Stick the silicone or pads to the clean and dry surface.

The Storage of Self Adhesive Rubber Pads

In order to keep viscidity of adhesive rubber feet, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, away from high temperature, more than 20cm higher from the ground and wall, sealed with a plastic bag to avoid the influence of acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive products. Do not place outdoor, avoid direct sunlight.

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